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Our Services


Recording, Mixing & Mastering in all Formats Producing Composing Arranging Scoring

Event and film location

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Video production

Recording, mixing and mastering music is our specialty.

Commercial Audio

Riverside Studios Cologne have a long record in music and sound consultancy with an outstanding track record in film, advertising and sound branding. Clients include Shell Petroleum, Henkel, Lexus, Bacardi, Fielmann, Renault Clio, VW, Vodafone, T-Mobile and many more.

Recording & Mixing

All genres of music

We welcome all genres of music: rock bands, jazz ensembles, string sections, brass sections, big bands and everything in between.

From analogue tape machines and vintage microphones to high end digital and analogue mixing consoles, the unique array of equipment on offer at Riverside Studios Cologne can be used to create your distinct sound.

We can create custom tracks from your ideas, rearrange and mix sounds.


The very best in mastering, remastering and post-production.

We offer a mastering service using the most up to date digital and analogue mastering tools, coupled with superb control room acoustics. With cutting-edge mastering studios and an excellent selection of classic analogue and modern digital gear we master to any format, from vinyl and CD to high-definition audio and Dolby Atmos for DVD and Blu-ray.

We oversee the transfer, preservation and restoration of material from a wide range of sources, from both analogue and digital formats.

Dolby Atmos

Get inspired by our Dolby Atmos production capabilities!

Successful musicians like Billy Eilish, The Weekend and Olivia Rodrigo are already releasing their music in Dolby Atmos. The Riverside Studios Cologne give you access to this new production technology in their Dolby Atmos certified Studios (7.1.4).


1. STEM-Mixing

2. Immersive Creative-Mixing

3. Conversion from Stereo to Dolby Atmos

4. Immersive Audio Production

Recording & Mixing - Mastering - Dolby Atmos -


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