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Music by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

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Our Studios

The Riverside Studios are equipped with a symbiosis of analog treasures and state of the art digital components to guarantee a workflow with the best of both worlds.

All studios are connected by network to ensure maximum versatility in the production process.

All studios have air-condition, daylight and a variable lightning system.

The Hall

86 m2 with a height of 5,20 m

The excellent acoustic properties and fascinating aesthetic of our wooden acoustic wall elements enable you to create spatial experiences to the highest standards.

Key elements of the space is the Steinway D-274 piano – an instrument of quality unparalleled by anything else.

Our extensive microphone collection encompasses the finest models, while our carefully selected loudspeakers provide equal clarity at the opposite end of the signal chain.

The Hall holds up to 35 musicians comfortably.

Control 1

47 m2

Main features are the SSL AWS 900 Console, Westlake HR7 monitor, Tannoy ML 10, Ear mono blocks, Pultec EQ’s and a Fairchild 670.

Control 2

47 m2

Main features are a Studer 902 analogue console, Westlake BBSM15-VNF Tower, JBL 4301 costum made monitors, Ear monoblocks and a Jaguar 670m.

Control 3

50 m2

The studio Control 3 together with our partner TORUS GmbH. is a Dolby Atmos certified studio (9.2.4) used for Music, TV and Film mixing from stereo up to Dolby Atmos. From classical and jazz to pop, rock, hip-hop and Electronic music we love to work with artist from all genres.


Our central lounge area has been designed with the idea of creating a consistent sense of harmony.

We are ready to provide an event space and amenities for hosting corporate parties, red carpet events, artist showcases and brand presentations within the setting of the Riverside Studios Cologne.


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